Traffic Division

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is responsible for granting licenses under the Road Transport Licenses Regulations which includes the following:

  • Driver License
  • Road Fund Licenses

Other Transport related licenses such as:

  • Hirer of Self Drive Vehicles (Car Hire)
  • Hirer of Commercial Vehicles
  • Hirer of Public Omnibus
  • Hirer of Taxi
  • Driving Instructor
  • Tractor
  • Motor Cycle
  • Hirer of Loaders and Excavators
  • Hirer of Bicycles

Below are examples of policies that Traffic officers consult with when processing Traffic licenses:

  • The Taxi Policy for Seychelles, August 2003, Land Transport Division
  • Policy Statements On Car Hire, January 2006, Department of Tourism and Transport
  • Policy Paper on Transportation in La Digue Island, January 2012, Department of Transport and Energy


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