Inspectorate and Enforcement Division

Inspectorate and Enforcement Division

With the enactment of the new Licensing Act 2010, the principles of the Licensing Authority guiding it in the performance of its functions include the regulations of licensing activities with the aim to set minimum standards relating to such activities and to ensure public safety and hygiene, national security and environmental protection.

The Enforcement and Inspectorate Division is responsible for carrying out inspections in collaboration and consultation with other consulting and regulatory agencies for processing of new licenses and renewal of licenses for approval.

Consulting and Regulatory Agencies

  • Department of Information Communications Technology
  • Land Waste Management Agency
  • Ministry of Environment and Energy – Environment Department
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Health – Public Health Services
  • Seychelles Bureau of Standard
  • Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency
  • Seychelles Land Transport Agency
  • Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration
  • Seychelles Planning Authority
  • Seychelles Police Department
  • Seychelles Tourism Board

These agencies have their own guidelines and policies that SLA makes use of for granting and approval of respective licenses.

The Enforcement and Inspectorate Division ensures compliance with the Licensing Act and its regulations by monitoring of business activities.  The Division may recommend to the CEO to compound an offence if the offender admits his/her guilt and agrees to be dealt with under this section of the law.


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